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Thai lakorn: Jai rao (2009)

Theeradej Wongpuapan (Ken) as Koravic (Vic)
Taksaorn Paksukjaroen (Aff) as Chorlada (Aoey)

Episodes: 15


After 8 years, Chorlada (Aff) returns to Thailand from America. She comes to an award ceremony where Korawic (Ken) just won Best Actor of the Year to congratulate him. However, because she left him 8 years ago, he cannot forgive her. Instead of loving her and treating her nicely, he makes every moment she has with him the worst by bringing up the past that they had and the future they would've had.

This touching drama has a lot of potential. Touching story, excellent cast. Beautiful scenes with Ken and Aff.
The idea was great the story was interesting and a lot of teary moments. There were a few major points that could make it great but it turned out really dramatic and draggy. The idea of reconciliation after eight years is original. But P'Vic was childish, he tortured Chorlada in every possible way. He took her ring and didn't want to give back so Chorlada was upset. Fine once it's understandable that he was angry and disappointed in her. She left him, disappearing for eight years. It was painful and sorrowful. But throwing her ring to the sea and watching her looking for it for entire hour...too cruel. After the poor girl fainted he understood his mistake. But after hearing her phone talk he angered her to work without resting. I think normal girl would collapse but she didn't....but after a while she fainted again but lied on the beach a few hours..at least it looked like that...so it was logical that she was hospitalized for a week with bad condition. After such cruelty she realizes that she can't suffer anymore so she decide to go to America. right decision. But. P'vic can't let her do it again...he needs her..so he kidnapped her. ..well such behavior for a superstar...interesting idea.....
Chorlada is a caring person. She loves P'vic so she comes to congratulate  him in the ceremony but... after this incident she cries almost evey episode..like no tomorrow..right..she is sick person and she suffered a great deal. But she returned for this love.
Another point,Why she come with P'lak!?....... So Vic was shocked..he wanted for Chorlada to come back to him after her disappearance ...but seeing her with another guy...who came as her fiance. This is too much!
Third point. Chorlada behave like naive girl. She tells Vic that she wants to pay her dept to Vic. She wants him to forgive her for disappearing for eight years. So she asks Vic to work for him. This was too crazy! especially when she has a fiance, and Vic is aggressive and mean to her. She caused trouble to Vic by her appearance at the ceremony, and right after that she wants to work for him!? Anyone would suspect her...
Vic and Chorlada both, behave childishly. They love each other but choose other partners for wrong reasons...After suffering for eight years causing another pain and suffering for their partners...too cruel...
The last episodes were dramatic and sweet.. Vic is such a great husband. This is the third drama that i see Ken acting as good husband and caring father..the other dramas he was playing with Ann.
The last point. The ending..what happened to her leukemia?!  and why Vic didn't tell her slowly about their history...it wasn't amnesia..so he could tell her slowly about their love story...
Manie and Lak. were sweet together. sometimes Manie was like spoiled kid but overall she was excellent...she had a good heart and kindness. She could accept Chorlada and support them. In other dramas perhaps she would behave like a bitch.